Friday, October 26, 2007


Communities around the world are uniting and working on solutions to peak oil and thereby by default almost climate change. The Sunshine Coast is one of those communities - all thanks to the www.

International solutions - already happening in Kinsale Ireland and the UK through the Transition Towns Network (of which the Sunshine Coast is a proud member).

In the US & Canada
Post Carbon Institute
Global Public Media
Relocalisation Network
Post Carbon Cities
Community Solutions

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia solutions
Australia’s first energy descent action planning course which resulted in….
Australia’s first energy descent action plan
World’s first climate change & peak oil community education centre
Australia’s first Transition Town

Sunshine Coast action
Sunshine Coast Energy Action Centre SEAC
Courses – Time for an Oil Change, upcoming weekend intensives, re-skilling
Relocalisation networks
Presentations & workshops
Film screenings
Community meetings and workshops
Local action groups
Energy Descent Action Plan
Community projects
Expos, events

What you can do
Prepare your home & family for energy descent
Support an Oil Depletion Protocol
Write to politicians
Join or start your own relocalisation group
Join or start a local action group
Join with other like minded people in your community
Join or start your own sustainability group
Get together with people in your street
Organise a film screening and or workshop
Attend events
Support others
Get involved
Become informed
Have your say
Demand action from decision-makers
Be part of the solution
Act now

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