Friday, October 26, 2007

10 reasons to live more sustainably

1. you'll feel better and be healthier (outdoors more often, walking more, smiling more, worrying about money less)

2. you'll eat better - nothing, I repeat NOTHING you buy in a shop will beat the taste or quality of organically grown food straight from your garden

3. you'll have more time to enjoy the small things (remember how you keep promising yourself you'll stop and smell the roses? - well you'll have time now)

4. you'll spend more time with your family - finding interesting ways to spend time with each other and not just automatically jumping in the car and driving to the local shopping centre for entertainment

5. you won't have to work as much - living sustainably means stepping off that horror merry go round that is consumerism and materialism

6. you'll feel more content and happy inside

7. you'll lose weight

8. you're relationships will improve (because you will be in a better mood)

9. less stress, you don't need to keep up with the Jones' anymore and you're teaching your kids valuable skills

10. A typical lazy Sunday... breakfast is fresh organic eggs, home grown tomatoes, home grown coffee (you're own blend - ours is 'Raintreeforest blend'), home made bread sitting on the deck looking over your beautiful abundant garden that's full of birds, flowers and food... a freshly picked huge salad for lunch with more shades of green than you can possibly imagine topped with colourful edible flowers and dinner is a delicious pumpkin curry made with your own pumpkin, tumeric, chillies, limes, and curry leaves shared with friends and finishing up with a glass or two of organic local wine in front of your beautiful slow combustion/stove/cooktop/water heater... beat that!

Being sustainable is not about sitting in the dark, freezing and being hungry - we just didn't want everyone to know how good it really is.

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Kirsty said...

Hi There,

I just printed out the list and stuck it to my fridge. Hope you don't mind