Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catch up

Been a while since the last post and I do apologise. I know how annoying it is to start reading blogs and find they aren't that regular.

But it's been such a busy, busy time. Seems peak oil and climate change are everywhere you turn.

We've just had a big expo on last weekend and that attracted so many people, we have Roberto Perez from Cuba here talking about The Power of Community and Cuba's experience.

Was pleased to see so many people turn up, but it makes it busy.

While it feels like everything - that is the energy descent action planning, the community education, the train the trainer courses, funding - is so far off, but I have to keep positive and keep my eye on the future.

Soon I'm sure it will all turn for the better.

My biggest concern is that we won't have the arms and legs to actually do all this. We need lots of permaculture teachers and practitioners out in the community teaching others and sharing knowledge and resources.

Oh, I saw Morag Gamble's and Evan Raymond's new DVD Think Global Act Local on the relocalisation of our food supply last week.

Fifteen countries in 15 minutes. It's excellent, highly recommended and a great introduction into the ways we can provide food in our communities without the big supermarkets.

Did you know that no peak oil experts or permaculture experts were invited to the Federal Government's 2020 summit??

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